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Proactive Soccer

A Message to the Parent Soccer Coach

All coaches have three major headaches: dealing with time, space and fitness. Here are a few simple ideas to get the most out of your practices.

Time: It's always at a premium, so make sure your transition time between drills is minimal. Organize a fun practice at the start - players will pressure their parents to be on time for fear of missing out. Start practices on time and don't wait for latecomers!

Space: I've shown the set-up for cones, assuming you'll have limited space. Please consider the fields you use. Change the location of each practice to maintain the quality of your field. Don't practice in a goal area unless you really need to, because these areas wear out quickly. Fitness running should always take place off the field of play, especially for sharp turns.

Fitness: Players under 12 should use a ball whenever possible. It's much easier to run with a ball than without it. The ball gives tired feet a reason to keep performing! As a general rule children up to age 10 will not need to stretch - you can just do a general ball warm-up. But I always point out to athletes of any age the benefits of stretching to prevent injury.

Finish every practice with a scrimmage. We're here to play! In English class you learn letters to make words, then put words together to make sentences, then use sentences to tell a story. Drills and practices are our letters and words, and the game is our story.

Paul Janaway
Director of Coaching
Proactive Soccer, Inc.

2017 Summer Soccer Camps

Moses Brown School Summer Soccer Camp
18th year of TOP rated Soccer camp right in the center of Providence!
Get your kids enrolled today for the Summer 2018 Proactive Soccer Camp held on the impressive Moses Brown Campus in Providence, RI directed by Coach Paul Janaway and his team of first rate coaches. 
In addition to Soccer weeks, Proactive Sports is offering a specialized Track and Field Camp.For information contact putting Track in the subject line.
These Camps fill quickly so you must apply early !!!
We are in our 18th year of Quality Soccer Coaching Camps!!!
It is our 9th year of Track!!

Soccer Camp Weeks: June 11 through August 10, 2018
Nine individual weeks of quality coaching!
Full and half days are available in weekly sessions. Moses Brown plus partners with Proactive Soccer to offer popular and fun clinics, directed by Paul Janaway, for children ages 4-16.
The camp is a serious endeavor so coaches expect full attention and effort, but all players can expect to have a tremendous amount of fun. The program remains a favorite among parents and children in Rhode Island because of Paul Janaway’s inspirational, encouraging, and educational coaching style.
The clinics emphasize developing individual skills for competitive play.Players, grouped by age and skill, gain a better understanding of the game, sharpen skills, strengthen tactical awareness, and improve fitness.Many of our past players are now successful Premier and College Players.
Players ages 7-16 may choose to attend full days (8:45 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.) June 11 through August 3. In addition they also may participate in Tournament Week held August 6-August 10 from 8:45 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.
Players ages 4-16 may also attend from 8:45 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Players ages 4-16 who attend half days may join other MB plus camps  in the afternoons. Please see the registration form for information on extended daycare.

Registration is available online through where you can also access a registration form.If you have any questions please contact


3 weeks in the summer

June 26-30; July 5-7; July 10-14.

Conveniently located at Tasca field

Scituate Soccer partners with Proactive Soccer to offer a challenging, fun environment in which players enhance their soccer skills. Proactive Soccer experienced coach, Peter Ceprano, directs this camp, which is a serious endeavor with coaches expecting full attention and effort. The coaches encourage and inspire the young players. They make the experience a lot of fun while still striving for a balance between an educational coaching style and the development of social skills. Proactive believes that sport is a mirror of life and developing the young player to be a member of a team and group is as valuable as the Soccer coaching.

The camp develops individual skills and techniques for game play. Players, grouped by age and skill, gain a better understanding of the game, sharpen skills, strengthen tactical awareness, and improve fitness.

The sessions run from 9am till noon in the following weeks.

June 26-30; 5 days $175

July 5-7; 3 days $105

July 10-14 5 days $175

They can be booked as single weeks. For a form to sign up, go to Scituate Youth Soccer website or email:

PROACTIVE SOCCER: "Thinking ahead of the Game"

Contact Information

If you have any questions about the DVD or even general coaching questions please contact me at

The Parent Soccer Coach

The Parent Soccer Coach

Soccer Techniques and Skill when developed correctly at a young age can be the building blocks to creating great players. In this DVD I cover the basic drills that many a coach; parent or child would use when learning this great game.

Teaching young athletes good techniques and skills can help them grow into great players. With this DVD I'll show you how to cover the basic drills used by professionals around the world. Whether you're coaching your child or an entire team, these techniques will give them the skills they need to improve their play.

Soccer Tricks

Soccer Tricks

In this DVD I will teach you 25 invaluable soccer tricks, categorized into beginner, intermediate and advanced. My video instructional method is proven to be the quickest way to accelerate your mastery of the sport.

As a soccer coach in the UK and USA for over 26 years, I have learned the tricks and moves that make good players great, and great players the best in the world.

In this DVD I will teach you 25 invaluable soccer tricks, categorized into beginner, intermediate and advanced. My video instructional method is proven to be the quickest way to accelerate your mastery of the sport; step by step demonstrations in full speed and slow motion, with comprehensive on-screen explanations and tips, show exactly how to execute each move and trick, giving you and your team the "winning edge."

Remember: good practice makes perfect. Use my lessons as a part of your practice routine and quickly impress your friends and teammates with your ball mastery.

Paul Janaway
Director: Proactive Soccer Inc.

Customers are giving Proactive Soccer DVDs a big thumbs up

Great instructional aid for the budding soccer player/coach. Gives you the fundamentals needed to lay the groundwork to better your game. Absolutely worth it.

- R. Valle (Oakland, CA)

I coach my son's team and over time have acquired a number of training manuals. I like this one a lot because it is very comprehensive, it covers all the main points and it helps you organize yourself, your team, and your practices. If you can only buy one manual now, get this one.

- R. Flores (Derwood, MD)

5.0 out of 5 stars awesome tricks easily learned
This is a stage by stage learning program for each trick and move. It has a fast shot ;a slow shot with graphics; another slow shot and then fast shot again. It has been designed using the visual learning technique which has been proven as the best way to learn these tricks. "Tell me and I will listen, show me and I will learn"

- review